Dan Wilson

Introducing The Terrainator

I've had the good fortune to be able to visit some gorgeous places over the last few months, including Yosemite in California, and Tignes in the French Alps. Having been steeped in the world of 3D-printing at MakieLab last year, I naturally wondered whether I could make tiny scale models of these places to remember them by.

I've just launched The Terrainator — a site which lets you do just that!

Terrainator Process

We currently have data for the UK, the Alps and the western-half of the US, but I'm adding more all the time. Unfortunately, of the three, the UK data is the poorest, but I didn't have the heart to leave it out, and don't have the wallet to pay for the Ordnance Survey's good quality stuff!

Given that this is a side-project, I've had no qualms in requiring a modern WebGL-capable browser. Unfortunately that means no support for Internet Explorer, Safari (at least in its default state), or iOS.

I've got plenty ideas of how to improve The Terrainator — better coverage, bigger prints, accurate colourization, buildings — but do get in touch if there's something in particular you're after!